Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine 60 caps


Turmeric, awarded as nature’s gold, extensively backed by science has countless benefits like anti-inflammatory activity, boosts immunity, boost brain function and memory, improve digestion. Along with Bioperine turmeric can do wonders !


PreNat’s TURMERIC CURCUMIN WITH BIOPERINE is having countless health benefits backed by research and clinical trials in joint and arthritis problems, improve circulation, boost immunity, helps in skin dryness and many more.

BOOST OF BIOPERINE: As per the clinical trials, Bioperine, active ingredient of black pepper can improve absorption of curcumin as much as 4 times! So you can rest assure to get health benefits of turmeric curcumin.

100% NATURAL FORMULATION: PreNat’s turmeric curcumin is made from 100% natural organic ingredients. No unnecessary ingredient fillers, binders or GMOs ensure no side effects. We constantly force ourselves to ensure the safe and effective formulation by doing third party laboratory testing. To ensure highest manufacturing standards, ALL of our products are being manufactured in FDA registered and GMP certified facility in USA.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: 100% satisfaction guarantee to deliver the best turmeric available. Feel the power of wonder drug within few weeks.

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