Does Raspberry ketone work as weight loss supplement?

What’s the safe recommended dosage of Raspberry Ketone to take?

What science says about raspberry ketones?

Should I just take a couple of pills and hope to lose pounds?

In this long article, we are going to assess Hyped and controversial Raspberry ketone for weight loss. Our team has done extensive research on clinical studies, literature, thousands of reviews on popular websites to compile this article. We will also be discussing why we should consider raspberry ketone and whether it should be taken alone or as an adjuvant.

In America alone, more than one-third population is suffering from obesity and weight gain, irregular and busy lifestyle, genetic predisposition, stress eating affected almost everyone. It became almost impossible for you to keep up with healthy eating and exercise.

Let me straightly tell you NO PILLS CAN MAGICALLY LOOSE FAT WITHIN A WEEK !  you heard it right. there is no natural or chemical substance available on earth who can magically make you slim. Don’t lose hope… there is more to it.

What is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone has history since 1958, from 5 decades raspberry ketones are being used as food additives and flavoring agents. Until recently, nobody knew what wonder raspberry ketone can do. Raspberry ketones are the active chemical ingredient of red raspberries, cranberries, and blue raspberries. Unfortunately, you will have to eat as much as 22,000 pounds of raspberries per day to get weight loss!

In late 2000, researchers found surprising weight loss in lab animals and since then millions of people tried and tested raspberry ketone. Though it has mixed reviews whether it works or not, which proves the fact that no medicine can help you lose weight alone ( we will get to that part later! )

Scientific research behind raspberry ketone

Let’s dive into some clinical evidence about the effectiveness of raspberry ketone. For those who find it boring, following are the key points from research papers.

Mechanism of weight loss by raspberry ketones

  • Prevent fat deposition
  • Increase lipolysis via noradrenaline 
  • Prevent fat absorption from food
  • Fatty acid oxidation through adiponectin

Let’s see what scientific evidence says about raspberry ketones for weight loss. The first significant research paper published was in 2004 about raspberry ketone aiding weight loss. Paper suggests raspberry ketones has a similar chemical structure as capsaicin ( active chemical of chilli) and synephrine ( similar to norepinephrine)  which signals towards fatty acid oxidative effect (burn that belly fat ).

Upon 10 weeks of feeding, raspberry ketone prevented weight gain due to a high-fat diet. What is fascinating is it even prevented fat deposition in liver and adipose tissue (skin). Not only preventing but it actually decreased these weight after giving high-fat diet(1).

Another interesting thing they found was raspberry ketone modulated norepinephrine-induced lipolysis which is cool because it not only help preventing weight gain but it can actually burn the predeposited fat.

Basically, when we eat more calories than we actually use, they convert into fat and stored as fat globules in fatty cells. Whenever we diet or workout, to meet high energy demand, body uses enzyme called lipase to convert those fat globules into energy. This happens by translocation of lipase from cytosol to fat globules. it is regulated by norepinephrine and raspberry ketones are believed to modulate exactly same pathway for weight loss effects.

To further study the effect of raspberry ketone on gene level another group of researcher tested raspberry ketone in human adipose tissue cell line (3T3-L1 adipocytes). they found that raspberry ketones can potentiate the effect of adiponectin, an enzyme secreted by adipose tissue which plays a major role in body weight by regulating the metabolism of glucose and lipid. scientist even found it linked to obesity where the level of adiponectin was low in obese people. It oxidizes fatty cells and contributes to weight loss(2).

Raspberry ketone proved to increase the concentration of adiponectin and ultimately facilitating fat burning and better glucose management.

We still have yet to see the recorded human clinical trials about raspberry ketones contributing to weight loss. You might be wondering even being famous why nobody conducted clinical trials on it? A possible explanation can be because it costs money! Raspberry ketones weight loss properties have been well documented in books thus can not be patented. There are 100’s of companies selling it and if invest money in a clinical trial, they can’t even recover the cost.

But don’t forget the thousands of positive reviews on amazon and other websites about being effective weight loss pill.




(1)  Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone.

(2)  Raspberry ketone increases both lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation in 3T3-L1    adipocytes.




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