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We strive to provide pharmaceutical grade natural remedies as preventive medicine for evitable diseases and conditions


Develop personalized  herbal formulations for evitable diseases


Innovation, Quality & Integrity


Herbal medicines, also known as Herbalism or Herbology utilize plants for the treatment of evitable or diseases that can be cured or whose onset can be prevented. These employ the skills and traditions of eclectic ancient cultures which have been practiced since hundreds and thousands of years.


PreNat Nutraceuticals is exclusively based on these herbal remedies which are produced with the help of natural plant extracts. Our formulations are bolstered by modern techniques.


All of our products are 100% natural and manufactured in GMP certified facility. Due to large variations in active constituents in natural extracts and altered potency, all of our products are tested at different stages of production via third party laboratory setting. These are released only after they have undergone thorough quality control.

Have a look at our resource allocations!

  • Research and Developement 60%
  • Production and Marketing 25%
  • Health Surveys 5%
  • Customer Awareness 10%

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